Creation of an Internal Audit Function

What we offer:  We are able to assist with the creation of a better, or new, Internal Audit function within a company.

How we proceed:  We evaluate the needs and the structure of the organization, we participate in recruitment as necessary, and we organize training and assistance for the new (or current) internal auditor(s).

Key operations:

  • Internal assessment of the organization to evaluate the needs and to propose job descriptions
  • Set up of a new internal audit function, or improvement of the existing internal audit function, suitable to the structure and the activities of a company
  • Participation in the recruitment process
  • Training and assistance provided to the new or current internal auditor

The services provided by NAI will reduce financial and operational risk through internal audits and increase efficiency and effectiveness through capacity building and systems implementation in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner.  NAI’s clients will improve their potential to earn revenue, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk as a consequence of improved systems, processes, and internal controls.