Outsourced Internal Audits

What we offer: We strengthen an organization’s administrative, accounting, logistic, inventory and internal control systems in order to lessen organizational risk.

How we proceed: We plan and organize adapted Scopes Of Work with Executive Staff, and then proceed to conduct assessments of field operations- following up with detailed reports of findings and practical recommendations for improvement and risk reduction.

Key operations:

  • Internal assessments of international offices (per adapted Scopes of Work) and corrective action if internal assessments uncover problems
  • Risk assessments across field operations, for use by senior management
  • Reviews and “spot” assessments required outside of the adapted SOW's (as required by donors, local governments, and other entities), able to be performed on short notice and in difficult locations

NAI has an effective, experienced, and cohesive team of internal auditors and capacity builders. The team has built its core competencies through decades of work in private and non-profit accounting and auditing services as well as in the field through systems implementation and capacity building.