Policies and Procedures Development

What we offer:  To evaluate the existing policies and procedures of an organization and to draft appropriate changes to existing documentation, or when necessary to develop new and appropriate policies and procedures based upon “best practice” and the specific needs of the organization.

How we proceed:  We conduct field visits and review existing practices, in coordination with the Executive level of the organization.  We work towards detailed improvement (or creation) of policies and procedures for the organization to make them more practical and appropriate in order to assure better internal controls.

Key operations:

  • Standardization of field policies and procedures for financial and administrative operations
  • Creation of new Policy & Procedure manuals and documentation
  • Organization of workshops in order to provide training for implementation of these manual directives

NAI’s  vision is a world where companies are capable of more effective delivery of goods and services to intended beneficiaries as a result of stronger, more efficient, and more stable support functions- all based on the existence of solid and correct Policies and Procedures upon which to build a strong foundation for operations and to assure accountability.