Training, Workshops and Technical Assistance

What we offer:  High value training, workshop and specific technical assistance in various areas such as auditing, administration, accounting, fraud prevention, procurement, etc.

How we proceed:  Based on our various experience and our core competences in private and non-profit accounting and auditing services, we can support an organization’s training objectives in order to improve core capacity of staff. We are also able to provide training at the higher senior manager level of field operations in basic financial management, fraud prevention and detection, etc.  Finally, we are able to work with an organization to develop an internal training capacity which will survive and thrive after NAI involvement has been completed.

Key operations:

  • Assistance with the set-up of organizational internal audit functions, as well as the establishment of local internal audit functions in field offices
  • Development and facilitation of training activities and workshops for senior as well as functional staff
  • Specific Technical Assistance in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Administration, Inventory, Management Information Systems, etc.

NAI staff have the proven capability to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control systems, and accounting and logistics operations, of company.  NAI’s mission is to expand the range of company to which this top quality support is provided through a broad base of expert employees, reaching out to a wide range of company.  The training aspect of our services is critical to what we aim for as a company- to help make companies more capable of providing services which reach intended beneficiaries over time via quality internal support functions.